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If you are considering underfloor heating then look no further than Macgas. We are your local experts for all things heating. Our fully qualified Gas Safe engineers will survey and install an efficient underfloor heating system. Keep your home warm and cosy - Trust in Macgas.
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Is Underfloor Heating Any Good?

Underfloor heating does not produce as much heat as a conventional radiator but it does provide enough heat to ensure a comfortable environment. Heat is evenly distributed over the entire floor surface, resulting in a cosy, temperate environment. Underfloor heating is especially appreciated in bathrooms where floors can be cold when exiting the bath or shower.

Is underfloor heating expensive to run?

Whilst some people expect underfloor heating to be expensive to run, in reality, both the initial installation cost and the ongoing running of the system can represent great value for money. If it’s an electric system and you already have solar panels then this can clearly be an advantage, allowing you to run your heating effectively for free (certainly in the daytime).

Efficient, cost effective specialist heating systems

Considering undefloor heating? Macgas have got you covered


Specialist Heating Projects
We’re aware that all projects and all customers are different, and we therefore tailor our professional service to accommodate your individual requirements. You can be certain that Macgas will give you the degree of support you need to ensure your project runs effortlessly – at all stages of the installation. Macgas should be your experts of choice for your underfloor heating system.


What we quote is what you pay
Be very wary of “cheap” quotations which may include surprise extras. What can look good on paper may not turn out that way in practice. Macgas have got your back and won’t hide any surprises in our underfloor heating quote.


Why Us?
With years of practical experience in specialist heating projects, Macgas Heating has quickly become one of the go-to underfloor installation, servicing and repair companies across Coventry, Nuneaton, Hinckley, Atherstone, Bedworth and local areas.

In short – we are the only experts you need.


Happy Clients

We aim for 100% satisfaction so we are elated when our customers find the time and effort to recognise our commitment.

Saving Money Feels Great

Stepping out of the shower onto a cold tiled floor in the winter is no fun and there had to be a better way. With quite a large bathroom in our 1920’s house, it never seemed to get warm. Our new underfloor heating system ensures that bathroom time is now a far more enjoyable experience.

Sue Reid

New Underfloor Heating System

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