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If you require a full central heating system then look no further than Macgas. We are your local experts for all things heating - so if you are searching for central heating engineers near me then look no further. Our fully qualified Gas Safe engineers will survey and install you a complete central heating system. Keep your home warm and cosy - Trust in Macgas.
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Why Install New Central Heating?

There are a number of circumstances when you should consider updating your old central heating system. Most commonly can be if your home has an old electric storage system. Switching to a new gas-powered system is a great move. Such an upgrade can be an excellent long term investment, providing more efficient and reliable heating, new modern features, and lowering bills over time.

Another reason you might think about upgrading might be if you have any concerns about aspects of the existing central heating system. If you are considering making changes to either the boiler, radiators, or heating controls, it may be a better move to install a completely new system. That way you can guarantee that it is modern, efficient and won’t cause any problems. A new central heating system can present far less risk than replacing individual parts aswell.

New Central Heating System Considerations

Choosing a boiler is the main consideration – and this depends on your requirements. Gas combi-boilers are probably the most common units to fit but of course, there are various fuels and types that might be better suited to your particular circumstances. In addition, the size/output of the chosen unit has to be matched to the application in terms of the size of the property to be heated and the available space for fitment. Choosing the right brand is also important – in terms of reliability and warranty offered to ensure peace of mind well into the future.

Size and style of radiators is also an important consideration. Choice abounds here with styles ranging from traditional to modern and ultra modern feels. Different colours and finishes are available to really tailor your system to your décor style.

In terms of costs, obviously, the more complicated the system the more it will cost to install. A full central heating system install is clearly more difficult when the property is in occupation. Keep this in mind when reviewing any quotes for work as far as labour goes.

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Need a central heating system? Macgas have got you covered


Central Heating Fitters
Whether you’re renovating and updating an existing system or fitting in a new build, we can carry out all aspects of central heating installation for your property. From conventional to electric central heating to designer radiators to efficient boilers with smart controls, we’ll fit a system to your requirements and to suit the property that you’re in. Trust in Macgas.


Smart Controls
Modern central heating systems can benefit from zone heating controls. Whilst older systems allow you to either have the boiler on or off (which of course heats the entire home or none of it), zoning splits up the property into different areas. This then allows you to control these areas independently, setting different temperatures to suit.

You can save a lot of money on your bills with modern heating controls such as these. Installing thermostats in each room allows the temperature to be set to the right level for the occupant, meaning no wasted energy by heating an entire property to the same temperature when most rooms are not in use.


Why Macgas?
With a central heating installation from Macgas, you can rest assured that your new system will be up and running when you need it – and know that it will provide all the benefits in efficiency savings that you would expect from a new installation.

In short – if you are looking for “central heating engineers near me” or if you are looking for central heating in Coventry, Bedworth, Nuneaton, Atherstone, Hinckley or surronding areas, then you’ll have found Macgas. We are the only experts you need.

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We aim for 100% satisfaction so we are elated when our customers find the time and effort to recognise our commitment.

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An excellent company, service was second to none. They installed a full central heating system and new feeds to kitchen and bathroom in an older house with no fuss. Very reliable and extremely neat throughout. I would definitely recommend them for anyone needing a reliable gas safe, heating/ plumbing engineer.

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Full Central Heating System

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