Air Source Heat Pumps

If you are considering an air source heat pump then look no further than Macgas. We are your local experts for all things heating. Our experienced engineers will fit a state of the art, energy efficient air source heat pump which will keep your home warm and cosy - Trust in Macgas.
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What size Air Source Heat Pump do I need?

The size of the pump required will depend on the size of the area you are trying to heat. Air Source Heat Pumps come in a number of sizes and capacities and can heat buildings at a lower cost than gas or direct electricity. Contact Macgas Coventry for more information.

How much does an Air Source Heat Pump Cost In The UK?

An Air Source Heat Pump in the UK generally costs around £5k-8k, depending on the size of the space it is intended to heat. However, there are government grants available that can fully cover or subsidise the cost of installing the unit. Contact Macgas for more information.

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Considering an air source heat pump? Macgas have got you covered


Air Source Heat Pumps
If your home is well insulated and ventilated, air source heat pumps can provide fairly low-cost heating for interior spaces.


How Do Air Source Heat Pumps Work?
Air source heat pumps are classified as a renewable energy technology and work by extracting the warmth from the air outside (even when it’s freezing) and use it to heat your home. There are other heat pumps that do the same thing by using the warmth in the ground and in water – but air source heat pumps are more popular as they are suitable for a wider range of properties.

These units can be classed as renewable due to the air (or obviously ground, or water) being heated by the sun, even though the pump itself is powered by electricity and can offer cheaper energy to households.

There are two types of air source heat pump. Air-to-water systems are the most common and they work by heating water which is then circulated around the home via radiators or an underfloor heating system. Water in a storage tank for the bathroom or kitchen can also be heated in this way. Air-to-air systems typically use fans to circulate warm air around the home and cannot be used to heat water.


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Because we are specialists in all things heating. We are comfortable in all types of efficient technologies including underfloor, solar thermal and air source heat pumps. Macgas also have an enviable reputation in bespoke bathroom design and fitting.

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Took the plunge whilst refurbing the house to install an air source heat pump. Macgas did a fantastic job – we were very apprehensive but when the work was finished and we got to using this new system, we are delighted with the outcome.

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Air Source Heat Pump

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